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That you are here reading this page means that you are seeking to transform how you parent and seeking transformation is a big step in the right direction!

The next step is answering the following two questions.

What is your parenting story and how is that story working for you?

It is vitally important to explore and challenge and change our parenting stories from the past in order to parent mindfully in the moment!

What childhood story do you want to create to support your child’s adult life?

We live in exciting times as research on brain development and optimal child outcomes has increased and surpassed what we knew about babies and children in the last ten years.

How you will change your story. 

Dr. Mary Kay Keller provides supportive parenting/caregiving transformational coaching or mentoring sessions. In these sessions cutting edge science is shared along with support. You will learn how to apply this new information in a loving nurturing method to support you in creating a story for your child's adult life.  

Dr. Keller's specialties 

Quality Transformational Relationship Engagement and Dr. Keller's extensive knowledge includes: Attachment and bonding, Emotional Availability, Communication strategies, Resiliency factors, Strengths based application, Nurturing Parenting, and the Strengthening Families. She supports parents and caregivers of : babies, children, teens and people in relationships. Dr. Keller is the author of Hassle Free Bedtime and Journal Your Way Home, the first two books published in her Life Skills Series. 

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