Infant Massage

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There are many science-based benefits of Massaging infants. Parents are most appreciative of SLEEP & Colic relief. Sign up before the birth of the baby, you can massage after birth! Clients call me the Baby Whisperer!

Why Massage Infants?

Infant Massage is one of three science-based caregiving activities (breastfeeding and kangaroo care) that promotes bonding and attachment. Infant Massage supports physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. The experience of massaging a baby provides benefits for both the baby and the parent.  This symbiotic activity will assist both of you in getting better sleep as well as many other physiological and emotional benefits.

Why is Infant massage so important?

Touch is essential to healthy human development. When babies died in orphanages, it was discovered that touch was crucial to the lives of human beings to survive and thrive. Next, to breastfeeding and kangaroo care, Infant Massage is the only other caregiving activity that supports an intense bonding experience between the baby and the parent/caregiver.

How does Infant Massage intensely support bonding?

Infant Massage engages 4 of the 5 senses and possibly all 5 if kissing the baby is involved. The science of Infant Massage documents many physiological and emotional benefits for the baby and the caregiver. Learning infant massage is an incredible skill that supports the relationship between mothers and fathers, siblings and grandparents. Infant Massage is beneficial for babies with special needs and medical needs.  Infant Massage is the gift that keeps on giving for years to come. The price of one class is priceless throughout a child's lifetime, and it changes their life story!

Science-Based Benefits

Science-based benefits for the babies are increased sleep, security, immune systems, weight, bonding, engagement and entrainment (interaction) behaviors, decreased hospital stays (6 weeks earlier discharge), colic, discomfort, crying and diarrhea. Benefits for caregivers: increased caregiver activity, improved lifestyles, reduced stress, anxiety, and depression. Mothers reported fewer depression symptoms after massaging their babies or when they watched someone else massage their babies.

Dr. Keller conducted specialized research on fathers massaging their babies and published her research. In Dr, Keller's Research, Fathers reported feeling more confident and competent in their parenting after learning to massage their babies. Fathers were motivated to learn infant massage because they enjoyed being able to comfort their babies' and relieve the mother of her caregiving stress. Fathers enjoyed having access and availability to their babies when they massaged their babies. Furthermore, research indicates that fathers who spend more time caring for their babies increase their oxytocin (the bonding hormone). In other words, the more time caring for the baby, the more caring fathers become.

Additionally, Dr. Keller suggests including the siblings of the new baby in the class. Learning to massage a baby sibling's feet and hands may reduce sibling rivalry and envy by engaging the older siblings in massaging the baby. Request this information through the contact page. Be sure to  See Videos Click!

Infant Massage Baby/Toddler Massage Classes

  • Individual classes taught in the privacy of your home.
  • Group instruction and/or community workshops 
  • Individual or group classes distance education,  Dr. Keller is certified in Distance Education Training!
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