Mary Kay Keller, MPA, PhD

Dr. Mary Kay Keller is a Family Scientist, Professor, and a Transformational coach. Dr. Keller is Certified ln Family Life Education and in Infant Massage Instruction. Dr. Keller's work supported individuals and families in changing their lives through the process of transforming their life stories. Dr. Keller supports the human experience with applied family science. Dr. Keller earned a Ph.D. in Family and Child Sciences from Florida State University, a Master's in Public Administration from the University of Utah and earned her undergraduate degree from Weber State University in Psychology with honors. 

Dr. Mary Kay Keller is the Program Chair and Assistant Professor of the Applied Family Science (Master of Science) Program in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Wilmington University in New Castle Delaware. Dr. Keller developed and teaches Family Life Education Courses. Dr. Keller is a lifelong advocate and activist of Children's Human Rights

Dr. Keller is published in:

  • The Journal of Behavioral and Social Sciences, 
  • The National Fatherhood Initiative - Father Factor Blog, 
  • International Journal of Attachment Parenting. Annual Publication, and 
  • The International Association of Infant Massage. Annual Publication.

Mary Kay Keller has spent the last 20 years studying relationship engagement and resilience in children and families.

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