Parenting Education

All Babies are born with instructions, they are wired for survival. Here is where we learn their language to provide the nurturing touch and human connection for optimal survival.

All classes are Science-based, supporting bonding and attachment to last across the lifespan.

All classes are available Internationally with Global Access.

1. Start here! Infant Massage 

There are many science-based benefits of Massaging infants. Parents are most appreciative of SLEEP Colic relief. Sign up before the birth of the baby, you can massage after birth! Clients call me the Baby Whisperer! 

Due to the pandemic, all courses are now  Online,  Dr. Keller is certified in Online & Distance Education Training!

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Online courses in-development: 

Infant Sign Language

Infant and Child-Centered Play 

Emotional Availability - How important is it? 

Family Coaching - Transitional support 

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