Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Professional Speaking Engagements booked around the Globe or through distance technology. Dr. Keller offers time speaking on Fathering, Touch, Happiness, Dating and Relationships, Dr. Mary Kay Keller's Inspirational Story, and more. To schedule, a Speaking Engagement submits a request through the Contact Page.

Fathering: Barriers to fathering; how we can best support fathers; how father involvement impacts child outcomes, family outcomes, and our society. This presentation is based upon what the research tells us and what we can do in our relationships, our homes, and our communities to change.

Touch: The importance of touch to our physical,  cognitive, and emotional health and how touch supports communication. Our culture is very sensitive about contact and the appropriate and inappropriate use of touch. Touch is a powerful communication tool. However, let's discuss what the research tells us about the essential element of touch throughout our lives.

Happiness is your destiny! 

Happiness is an inside job! How we feel internally attracts our experiences and our outcomes! How we unwittingly sabotage both by staying stuck. What the two most essential daily activities are that vaccinate us from unhappiness and bad relationships!

Dating and Relationships:

The most common questions people ask about adult relationships. What men ask and what women ask are different and the same!  What we don't know about the opposite sex. What we both need to make our relationships work.

Dr. Mary Kay Keller's Story!

Overcoming adversity from victim to survivor, to THRIVING! We do not choose the families we are born into, we learn how to play the cards we are dealt. Dr. Keller shares her life journey from childhood on the valuable life lessons she learned about taking control of her destiny!

Available Individual Subtopics:
  • Child Abuse and Neglect - Stockholm syndrome and why children cling to their parents. How one person can make a difference in the outcome of an abused child.
  • Domestic Violence - Why She Stays and how you can empower her. 
  • Living with Mental Illness - How the world looks to a child whose parent goes undiagnosed. 
  • Learning to live again after the death of a child.
  • Single Parenting challenges of starting over - How the system could be part of the solution rather than the problem.  
  • When your child has been a victim of a violent crime.   
  • What you can do and what not to do when your child comes out.
  • What a financial crisis can teach us. 
  • What she learned from her ancestors - Can resilience be a genetic factor too?
  • Why grieving and mourning are critical to moving from surviving to thriving.
  • Maneuvering happiness and success!
Education: Going to college isn't what you thought? What you learn in higher education is perseverance! How study habits are only a small part of successful training. The major lessons from networking, collaborating, communications, and building relationships. Why so many students drop out before completing their undergraduate and graduate degrees.


Grants and Funding. The most common mistakes grant writers and agencies make when applying for funds. Behind the scenes perspective as a grant reviewer for federal, state, county, and local grants. 

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