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Independent Family Ecological Profiles

What's best for your child? Let science talk! 

Although family courts require a parental or caregiver assessment in cases involving children and may appoint a particular certified professional, no law disallows an independent evaluation of parents or caregivers. As a Social Human Scientist Dr. Keller provides professional in-depth, personalized family case profiles. Using science-based tools, Dr. Keller assesses the impact of the parent(s) care-giving style upon the child. Dr. Keller's reports are two-tiered. The first tier is the child's relationship with the parent (Attachment, Bonding & Emotional Connection). The second tier is the parents' relationship with the child (Behavior, Connection, Environment & Relationship). From both of these tiers, a professional report is developed. The report reveals a profile of both the child and the parent/care giver's relationship and how the ties impacted the child in the past, currently impacts the child in the present and how the relationship will impact the child in the future.

These reports make a powerful and compelling expert opinion in any court situation. As a Social Human Research Scientist and a prior professional with many years of experience in the field of Family and Child Sciences Dr. Keller provides professional reports containing valuable information for attorney presentation and judges decisions in the courts. 


Adoption      Child Custody      Child Safety Investigations    Foster Care  Grand-parenting    Military Families   Single parenting 


Dr. Keller develops a profile of the family ecology by scientific observation and analysis of the following: 

  • Behavior: Nurturing Attitudes and Practices
  • Connection: Bonding and Attachment 
  • Impact: Adverse Childhood Event Scales and
  • Relationship Strength: Emotional Availability

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