Baby Massage Classes and Parent Testamonials

Baby Massage Classes 

Vimala McClure, Colorado
Mary Kay, this is a wonderful video on fathers and Infant Massage. Thank you! Blessings, Vimala McClure, author, Infant Massage, a Handbook for Loving Parents; founder, International Association of Infant Massage.

Kellie Jones, Tallahassee, Florida
We had a lovely time learning baby massage with Mary Kay. It was fun, educational, and helped me bond with my baby! I definitely recommend Mary Kay’s baby massage class!!

Melanie Kimbrell, Colorado
My husband and I took Dr. Keller's infant massage class and it was great! We think it will be helpful to have taken the class before our little one is born, this way we are prepared to do infant massage upon birth. I am a licensed massage therapist and I learned a lot from Mary Kay’s class. My husband wants to participate in all aspects of raising our child and he loved the class! I think it was a good experience to practice with a doll and we want to take the class again once our little one is born.

Emily Lakey, Tallahassee, Florida
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Keller's infant massage class and recommend it to all caregivers of young infants! My husband and I took the class when our daughter was 4 weeks old- I was worried that she would scream and fuss the whole time but she responded well to the massage and was very calm :)  Mary Kay is an excellent teacher and made us feel very comfortable and gave us great feedback during the class so now we both feel comfortable and confident massaging her at home- which has been very helpful in preventing/ decreasing evening fussiness. We learned a lot of different techniques in the class- and sometimes at home, we'll just do a few things (like just her arms or just her legs- rather than the whole body massage) but even that seems to help and Mary Kay gave us a booklet that reviews all the information we learned in the class which was also extremely helpful to review after the class.

Christopher Blythe, Springville, Utah
I really enjoyed the experience of learning how to massage my infant. I have continued to massage him every now and again. Dr. Keller is a knowledgeable and personable teacher, who helps you learn a variety of steps and methods, which are actually very unique to what one might imagine from massaging a grownup. Plus, I remember it being a fun experience. I considered massage as a method of calming my son comparable to his mother's breastfeeding (OK, it's not totally comparable, but it was the greatest tool in my arsenal).

Carol Blythe (Grandparent) Haymarket, Virginia
What a treat to learn infant massage for my first grandson! The experience was unique and bonding. His contented response to the soothing touch was a joy to watch. Thank you, Dr. Mary Kay Keller, for the great class! I think infant massage classes would be a wonderful gift for any parent or grandparent!

Parenting and Family Coaching

Mark Perlman - Owner/Author at The Nurturing Father's Program, Sarasota, Florida
Dr. Mary Kay Keller is a thoughtful and talented person and I recommend her as a Family Relations Coach

Jodi Riley
Charleston's Premier Dating and 
Happiness Mentor, Charleston North Carolina
Mary Kay is an amazing advisor on parenting and all types of family-related issues. Her in-depth knowledge of children and family issues allow her to provide relevant and important information as well as sound strategies for better family relations with her clients. Her unique ability assists her clients in making changes to their family dynamics from a completely non-judgmental and loving perspective is what sets her apart from other advisors and coaches in her field.

Roxanne Morin, of Roxanne Photography Melbourne, FL
Dr. Keller is such a warm light of kindness and knowledge. I could literally speak with her for hours on end! I love speaking w/her!! We were having issues with our youngest son (2yrs old) who just was a bit out of control breaking and hitting things in the house (out of fun, not anger). We were at our wits end doing different things to stop it...and then I spoke with Dr. Keller who had very good insight as to what the issue might have been. I love all the suggestions she outlined but more importantly, she told us about the development in their little bodies and brains at that age and it all made sense! Yes, we still have a wild little boy but we know how to effectively deal with his extra energy!
I just bought her e-book "Hassle free bedtime! Getting any child to bed is as easy as 1-2-3!: Quick and easy common sense solutions!" and I can't wait to read it as we are having issues with my son who is now 3 getting him to bed. There are just some people who you are happy with just because they are in your life and Dr. Keller is one of them! 

Lora Kibler - Systems Consultant at Rumbles, Office Equipment Solutions, Tallahassee, Fl. 
Mary Kay goes above and beyond in her role of caring for families. She is capable of quickly evaluating situations and provides effective guidance. Her years of study have paid off. She is right on target. 

Book Reviews

HassleFree Bedtime: Getting any child to bed is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3!
by Mary Kay Keller, PhD   

By Roxann Morin, Melbourne, Florida
I really enjoyed this booklet! I actually sat down and read it in one afternoon. It is straight forward straight to the point which is something I love! There are a lot of good tips in there as well as other references--things to do that makes complete sense that I never really thought about to do! I got my chart printed out and can't wait to see things changing in our house!!

By Margaret Ladd , Tallahassee, Florida. 
This is a must-have for parents. Such a simple problem, not being able to get your child to bed, but one that I believe causes more angst to young parents than any other. This guide walks you through a real solution, one you can implement immediately and easily. You will be amazed by the difference in the techniques outlined in this book will make in your life. I wish I had one like it when my kids were little.

By LaNelle Florida 
Picked up this book as a gift for a niece who is having a baby. Found it is useful for dealing with my own issues of getting to sleep. I need a hassle-free bedtime myself. Recommend for anyone who has sleep issues especially for someone who has a child that fights going to sleep. Good Read

By Theresa H Teeter, Crawfordville, Florida
I was blessed to receive this book as a gift! I just wanted to tell you that it was very good! I have a friend who is expecting a child next year and I will be giving this book as a gift to her!

By Poiks (Father), Tallahassee, Florida
A great book to regain your sanity (much-needed sleep). As a father of two, I feel these are techniques to help you bond and connect with your new family.

This book has some things I've never considered before, like the temperature at bedtime. Great common sense ideas about bedtime!

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