Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Episode 9: Confirmed Family Courts Fail Children in Abuse Cases

Guest: Barry Goldstein
Topic: Confirmed Family Courts Fail Children In Abuse Cases

Guest:  Barry Goldstein Background: Mr. Goldstein has 37 years of working on DV issues.  Author of 6 books.  Instructor in batterer program for 21 years.  Director of Research for Stop Abuse Campaign.  Author of the Safe Child Act.  Advocate for Protective Mothers and their children.

The lesson from the Coronavirus crisis is to listen to the scientists. The family courts have failed to integrate critical research like ACE and Saunders. Without ACE they minimize the harm of DV and child abuse.  Without Saunders, they disbelieve true reports of abuse.  Over 700 children involved in contested custody have been murdered in the last ten years.  Taken together, the research confirms courts are getting a large majority of DV custody cases wrong.  The solution is the Safe Child Act.

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