Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Episode 3: Mutually Amazing Parents and the Journey to Calm

Guest Introduction by Mary Kay

You may have watched him as a featured expert on Dateline NBC or maybe you've seen him quoted in Forbes or The Wall Street Journal. Today's guest is the author of "Can I Kiss You?" and the Founder of The Center for Respect. For 3 decades, he has been helping build cultures of respect in families, educational institutions, for businesses and the US Military. And he is now launching MyVoiceRocks.com. 

Guest: Mike Domitrz
Topic: "Mutually Amazing Parents and the Journey to Calm"

Background: In my work for helping parents teach their kids safer dating, we realized how much parents are seeking simple, quick lessons for helping them as human beings and parents. The people most likely to benefit from this information are adults 26-55 years of age. I host a podcast and interviewed many. I am the author of "Can I Kiss You?" I am the Founder of The Center for Respect, and a speaker for schools, the military, and nonprofits for the past 3 decades for helping to build mutually amazing relationships.

Part I: What is a mutually amazing relationship?
Part II: Why can learning mutually amazing relationships be key to helping a parent? 
Part III: What are the biggest barriers for parents building mutually amazing relationships with their partners? What about with their kids? What about themselves?

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