Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Episode 2: When you are not safe at home During COVID-19

Topic: When you are not safe at home during COVID-19. 
I and other professionals and family members thought about those who are not safe at home during this unprecedented pandemic of COVID19. How could any of us have known how this would play out. During this time while I believe everyone is doing their best, I am concerned about children, teens, emerging adults, those who are struggling in their family relationships, and other situations where I know people are not safe right now.

While I do not have answers for how to keep people safe, I do know there are resources out there online and via telephone that can support people who are not safe. One such resource is the 2-1-1 Crisis Referral lines found in each state. There are also text lines that anyone can text for support as well.

Thirteen (13) Crisis lines to text or call. 

While I may not know you personally, you are in my heart and my thoughts!
Please stay safe, the world will not be a better place without you!

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Dr. Mary Kay Keller

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