Sunday, October 6, 2019

Why promoting father bonding with their infant is critical to our society.

All Families are welcome!
A connection is critical to bonding and attachment across the lifespan. The opposite of connection is a terrified child growing up in chaos and confusion. Connection provides safety and security. 

Promoting opportunities for father bonding with their infant impacts society. Supporting parental leave with infants addresses so many societal problems and resolves many financial impacts upon society.  We have the perfect opportunity to watch the impact over time. Gathering new data on child outcomes and comparing it to the last century when men were deprived of social conditioning in childhood to practice becoming a parent. May we be smart enough to be the change!
A quick review of why it is critical to support bonding between fathers and their infants during the first year and how the long term benefits can support our societies.

Everything we experience in our society began in someone's childhood!

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