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Sunday, July 10, 2016

What dads want us to know about them!

When I was working on my Doctorate Degree I dreamed of researching optimal care giving practices. I had a list of several and at the top of my list was Infant Massage. I really counted the time it would take to reach doctoral status so I could begin.

First I completed an extensive review of research articles on the science of Infant Massage. When I successfully submitted this 112 page document for my preliminary exam in the doctoral program I discovered that only 2 of the original 300+ articles I had screened included fathers. This caught my attention and I continued my doctoral research focusing on fathers and their interactions with their babies.

 Since then I have one peer reviewed article published on the results, one to submit and several in draft, presented in the only TED talk to date on Fathers, published on several National Blogs and now am developing a series of videos, Baby Perspectives, to highlight the importance of massaging our babies!

Click on the first video in the series of Baby Perspectives.

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