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Monday, June 29, 2015

It's official I LOVE PIXAR movies. INSIDE OUT is pure genius!

When I work with people on their relationships with dating, romance, family, friends and work relationships I always come back to the basics. What we are thinking and how we make decisions in our own best interest is essential to being successful.

Now I advise you to go see the movie Inside OUt! This movie is not just a children's movie, it is for adults too! It is a must see. This movie let's us see into our own perspective and those of the people around us. Children can get an inside view of what is going on with their parents and parents with children. Transfer this to your friends, co-workers and extended family. The ability to get past our defense mechanisms and to portray brain chemistry in such a easy to understand format is awesome. Click here to see the trailer only watch the first one then wait for the second one! What a treat! TREAT yourself and those you love to the movie of they year!

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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