Monday, May 18, 2015

What to look for in a dating relationship!

I am posting this today because I am so tired of reading articles that warn us to the signs of a bad relationship or the signs of sociopaths, narcissists etc. Don't get me wrong I believe knowledge is power and some people are so adept at being bad that we need to know these behaviors although if we really trusted our instincts we would run with out needing to READ and article. When we feel bad around someone then we need to RUN!

I personally find as I grow older that the only REGRETS I have is when I did not listen to my inner voice. Just like when I read this article and said YES, someone nailed this as any person in your life seeks to lift you up, not knock you down. Has your back and even when you are wrong they can find a way to deal gently with you. 

If #11 doesn't prove he is the smartest man on the planet nothing else will. 

Twenty-seven signs you are dating a man who loves you!


Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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