Friday, May 15, 2015

The secret to loving others is putting yourself first!

When people call me about dating and relationships almost always they have not spent time alone being comfortable with who they are and who they have become. In order to attract others one must become intimate with oneself. Otherwise we move from one relationship into another without really bringing our best to the table. Moving forward without learning from our past relationships only sets us up for more of what we already had. Being at peace with ourselves is the best of life! Being alone is not a flaw and often is seen that way by those who cannot complete themselves. Two halves do not make a whole, only two broken halves. Two wholes make a whole.

The next part of loving someone else is we have nothing to give unless we first love ourselves. Do we truly know how to meet our own needs? Do we know what it takes for proper self care? Can we take time for ourselves and nurture ourselves? Do we feel secure enough about who we are to hold our own in a relationship? Do we have the strength to not give our power over to another human being? Do we know when to compromise and when comprising means giving to much of our self away? Can we stay in the knowledge of who we are and stand by another rather than underneath another?

The people who call me, call me the Heart Whisperer! Call me!

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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