Saturday, April 11, 2015

TEDxTallahassee Fathers!

The TED talk went well yesterday. What was amazing was how almost all of the other TED speakers had something in common with each others presentation. It was an incredible day and an incredible experience. I have to confess I never saw this coming. I desired a venue to get the word out about infant massage as it is a powerful sensory skill that supports bonding and attachment, however, I really didn't consider a TED talk as that venue. Not because I don't value TED talks because I do! I hadn't considered it because I just never considered it. I am so delighted to have been blessed by this experience.

It will take a while for the YouTube Video to come out however when it does I shall up date the PowerPoint by embedding into it. This is the PowerPoint Slides I developed for the talk and then decided that it would be too distracting to do two things at once. Enjoy!

I would also like to mention that the research conducted on Infant Massage was done at the University of Miami by Dr. Tiffany Field and the catalyst for teaching Infant Massage to parents was Vimala McClure author of "Infant Massage: A handbook for Loving Parents!" She is also the founder of Infant Massage USA.

TEDxTallahassee 2015 from Dr. Mary Kay Keller

Additionally, I love this article and book! Click here!  

Details of the Research on Fathers

Details about "Why Infant Massage?" 

How we have missed fathers in the research. 

Please feel free to share! I love to speak on this topic. 

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