Sunday, April 5, 2015

Communication is 10% verbal and 90% Body Language!

Humans never cease to amaze me in the grandiosity of believing the spoken word is the only form of communication. Yet we truly communicate only 10% with our words and 90% is non-verbal. That we are so amazed when we find out dolphins, whales and other life forms are communicating is on us.

It's not like they just started communicating, it's more like we are slow learners to open up to outside of ourselves. While we are fascinated with life from other planets, we have totally missed the communication of life forms indigenous on our own planet. Hence our delusions of superiority have deprived us of learning to communicate within our own biosphere. Where we could be now is mind boggling. 

I find the same is true of babies. They are communicating with their bodies and their intuition long before we get it. This is why sign language is so effective and people who pay attention have developed tools like the Dunstan Baby Language (DBL)! I truly believe we will find babies begin communication in the womb as their brain develops and their body catches up, mid to late trimester. People refuse to get in touch with their own bodies let alone in touch with life around them and they miss out so terribly....

Communicate with your child or pet through human touch! 

You will both benefit greatly! 

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
TEDxTallahassee 2015
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