Tuesday, February 17, 2015

TEDx Tallahassee!

I am very excited my speaker application for @TEDxTallahassee is in the 2nd round!  

During the last 100 years research has focused solely on mothers and their babies: 1920's, Hammett (baby and mommy rats); 1930s, Harlow (baby and mommy monkeys); 40s-60s Bowlby and Ainsworth attachment theory.

  •  More than 80% of fathers are involved with single mothers at the time of the birth of their babies. 
  • By the time the child is in preschool involvement drops to less than 50%. 

My field research of first time fathers blew me away! The implications for single fathers, traditional and non-traditional are compelling. Fathers require access and opportunity.

Do we as a society impede fathers from bonding and attaching with their infants?  

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Dr. Mary Kay Keller
TEDxTallahassee 2015
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