Thursday, April 3, 2014

Infant Massage class before the baby is born!

Newborns and their parents can both benefit from massage immediately after birth. Massage calms both the baby and the parents right after birth. Additionally, massage is a powerful intense sensory tool that supports bonding and attachment for fathers as well as mothers.

Looking at this little one this is the perfect picture of a baby"s reaction to coming out of a perfect home where she was snuggled and cared for inside the womb. See the hands and feet distended? The baby has a fear of all the space around her.  When she was turned over her body wrapped back into herself, a much more comforting position. When she was wrapped in her blanket she felt secure enough to open her eyes and look at her loved ones.

A new born can benefit so much from massage which is why I would love for expectant families to take my class. I include information on brain development, emotional development and physical development of the baby. In addition to providing supportive parent child relationship education. I encourage parents to bring siblings and allow them to learn to massage to decrease sibling rivalry and include older children onto interacting and bonding with their new sibling. 

Grandparents too are welcome in class.
Techniques from Indian, Swedish and reflexology are demonstrated on my doll for parents to mimic on their baby. I open with Thai yoga massage movements to prepare the baby for skin to skin massage! Call me and reserve your spot as classes are limited.

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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