Saturday, February 22, 2014

Do you believe that happiness is possible when you learn to handle your money in your best interest?

By Dr. Mary Kay Keller

Divorce in this century and the last has risen and stayed predictable at a 60% rate. People are often surprised to learn that the next relationship has a much lower chance of surviving that the last and each relationship thereafter is more doomed than the last.

Research indicates that communication is the reason for the demise of marriages. Married people who can discuss and get through the hard stuff are the ones that survive and thrive. Money, sex and parenting are often the hotspots in marriages. Nothing seems to set off couples more than the discussions about money and how it is handled. How money is handled will often reveal who holds the power in the relationship. How money is spent and handled can break or make a relationship.

The average person has more than $35,000 in unsecured credit card debt. If that person has an income of $100,000 then that is 35% of their gross income (not the same as net income). If the income is $75,000 the debt is 46% of their total gross income. If the income is $50,000 the debt is 70% of their total gross income. And of course if their income is $35,000 the debt is 100% of their total gross income.

Unsecured debt causes stress on the person holding the debt and disrupts relationships as the persons thoughts are mostly centered around how to pay the debt back, it steals quality of life. There are no happy people who are deep in debt. There are many budgeting programs that charge people money to teach them how to handle their money, just like there are many programs to help people lose weight.

In this day and age of insecurity about the duration of Social Security and the National Budget, people are overwhelmed trying to get out of debt and fail to even consider how to put money away for retirement causing themselves more stress and possibly even depression. It is with these issues in mind that I focuse on money and what works in paying off debt and decreasing stress in families as after all it truly is the children who are impacted greatest.

I recommend You Need a Budget and here is why. 1st you can download it for free trial to both your PC and your mobile devices which means you can track your spending in real time. 2. YNAB provides FREE support. Technical support and education support are FREE through webinars, online tutorials and videos! 3. The first fee to purchase YNAB is for the duration of that version with updates that are at a fraction of the origianl cost of the program. So STOP paying for those financial programs that make money off of you by having you pay for ongoing progress/programs!

Click here to see how to set up your "Spending Plan." People who fail to plan their spending, plan to fail at handling their money!Should you decide to purchase the program after 30 days here is a coupon for $6 off of the program. It is a one time coupon because you only purchase the program once.

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