Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dissertation Research 2013 - An Exploratory Case Study of Fathers Who Massaged Their Infants.

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
One of the many aspects of my Dissertation Research on Fathers Massaging their babies that I am so excited about is that I disproved my own bias that fathers might not bond and attach the same as mothers. I believed we were going to find that we needed a grounded theory approach to develop a different theory for fathers. Instead this qualitative research indicates that fathers do indeed bond biologically and emotionally with their infants. The question now is, "Do we as a society support or block fathers from these opportunities to bond and attach with their infants?"
Click this link to view the results.
If you want the juicy part skip to slide 11!

Five fathers reports feelings of bonding and attachment!

Stay tuned as thee will be several video blogs on the reported benefits by Fathers, how Fathers massaging their infants benefits Mothers, how grandparents can benefit from massaging infants, and exploring the idea of including sibling in on infant massage.

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