Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's Grandparents day! My grandmother's impact on my life changed everything!

It is grandparents day and as I have a mere 8 days before I defend my dissertation I would like to share this amazing story of the impact my grandmother (little granny we called her because she was 4'10" tall) had on my life. 

My grandfather died in 1982 and then my grandmother who had never driven a car went and got her driver's license. Next, she went back and got her High School diploma. I called granny when I was 28 years old and wanting to return to school. I was intimidated that there would be so many younger students in college and I was just finishing potty training my 3rd toddler. She was at that time taking classes at the local community college. I realized how silly I was, if my grandmother could go to classes with younger students, then what was I so afraid of? She set such an example for her children and grandchildren.

I still miss her with all of my heart. Thank you Granny, I love you still. 

M Kay

Click here to see her picture as she was recognized by a local representative.

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