Monday, June 17, 2013

My 3 year old won't wear panties!

Question: My daughter is 3 and she refuses to wear panties. I have tired every size and cut and fit. She has a breakdown every time we try and put them on her. I have tried to reason with her, take things from her and she does not wear them no matter what.

Am I making a big deal out of this or should I just let her go and not try and push the issue. I just feel every little girl should wear panties. Am I wrong, and if not please tell me how to handle the situation.
Thank you,

ANSWER: Dear Anonymous. If she will wear shorts under her dresses then I would not keep this power struggle up. How important is it really in the larger scheme of things? I bet if you let go and keep the panties within her reach she will eventually put them on all by herself. If you make any recognition of your disappointment or keep trying to do what is not working for you I bet it won't work. I am sure every little boy does not wear his boxers. Hopefully that will make you feel better. I truly hope this is the worst of your parenting experiences. You are very blessed!


M . Kay Keller

 ---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------
QUESTION: Thank you so much for your help. She will wear shorts not problem. I do have one more question. She goes to daycare and obviously there are not so well behaved children there. On more than one occasion my daughter came home with scratches on her face and arms from this one other child.

I voiced my concern and found out that so have other parents. These concerns were voiced to the teacher but this child is still doing this not only to my daughter but others as well. How should I handle this situation with the school?

Answer: Dear Anonymous: You need to let the daycare know that they have to handle the situation or you will report them to the State Licensing. You have a right to expect your child to be safe regardless of what the other child is doing. Either they need to assign someone to keep with this other child to prevent further harm or they need to keep a better eye on your child. Either way it is not okay to allow children to beat each other up or to harm another child. This is your opportunity to let your daughter see you protecting her so she can protect herself when she is grown up. Don't be afraid of making someone mad, she is your child to protect! Let them know how mad you are about her harm.

M Kay Keller

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