Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Joint Custody

Very clear and to the point. Offered reassurance and common sense. Thank-you.

Dear Kay,

The mother of my 18 mo.old and I share custody of our son.  He is with me at my home for 3-4 days and then goes with his mother for 3-4 days.  Back and forth.  I am worried that this is not a stable situation for his development.  He finds love at both locations, from both of us, but there is no consistency for him being shuffled back and forth. I have seen older children adapt to a joint custody situation, (without a primary parent), but have not heard of the effects of this on an infant or toddler.  As hard as it would be for one of us to give in, would it be better for him if we made one of our homes his only home until he is older?


Dear Paul:

If you both as his parents are working things out in an adult manner by talking through things and are not arguing or being otherwise inappropriate with each other your son will be just fine. Children do adapt all the time to two different settings and expectations.

Just love him and enjoy your time with him.


M Kay Keller

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