Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Are our girls safe?

Are our girls safe on American Soil? 

Every 3 minutes in American a woman is raped. Do we read this statistic and wonder who these women are? Are they among our friends, the people we work with, our family? Are they one of our own children, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, or have we been one of these women? Do we wonder if a woman is raped every 3 minutes on American Soil how safe our girls are on American Soil? 

Is your daughter safe on American Soil? 




Read this and then decide? 

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What are the effects?

The purpose of this study was to examine racial/ethnic disparities in being forced to have sexual intercourse against one's will, and the effect of substance use on these disparities.

What can we do? 

 What power as parents, grandparents and caregivers do we have to protect our children? Control, protection is an illusion. We are powerless to protect our child from harm however we are not helpless.

Protecting the Gift: Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane)We can empower our children. We can parent from a base that empowers our girls to protect themselves.

Gavin deBecker says, in his book the Gift of Fear,  that a man's greatest fear is being laughed at and a woman's greatest fear is being killed. That alone should tell us that women do not feel safe in our society.

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How as women do we set the example of empowerment and do our best to keep ourselves safe?

The Gift of Fear and Other Survival Signals that Protect Us From Violence By Gavin de Becker

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Together we can make changes in our lives that impact the lives of our children.  

Dr. Mary Kay Keller
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