Thursday, December 6, 2012

My baby is 9 weeks and is struggling with naps.

Dear Kay,

My little guy is now 9 weeks old. He has always been a good sleeper at night, but REALLY struggles with naps. Once he's asleep, he usually sleeps well. However, it is always a little bit of a "fight" to get him to go down. I always pay close attn to his drowsy signals. He currently starts yawning and looking sleeps after 75 min of awake time. I immediately turn off all music, cradle him in my arms, and rock him. If his eyes are still darting about, I read him a short book in a soothing voice...otherwise we just rock in the chair. As soon as his eyes start to fall, he will immediately begin fussing, as if he's trying to keep himself awake!  I then sing softly, or tap his back while saying shhhhhhh.

We go back and forth....him looking VERY drowsy, to him fussing, squirming, etc. Once he has been calm for a few minutes, and his eyes are staying closed, I gently lay him in his crib. He will then usually be OK for a few minutes, before he begins to cry. He will then cry for several minutes before falling asleep.I have tried waiting until he is FAST asleep before putting him in his crib, but then the above mentioned rhythm of him "fussing himself awake" and then looking almost asleep, would last for over an hour! He definitely sleeps longer/better now that I put him in his crib drowsy but awake....but I just hate it that he still has to cry for awhile! Is there anything that I can do????


Dear Kacey:

Kudos to you as you are already doing alot right. Now I have two more suggestions for you which may put him out sooner. MASSAGES! Remember what makes you sleepy. If he isn't use to them start with his feet and gradually work your way up and then buy a CD. There is a great CD  or rather there are many of these great CD which have heartbeat music. This is soft music with heartbeat sounds.

My duaghter played them in my granddaughter's room and when I would tuck her in at night and sit with her I was out as quick as she was. Now she is 6 and tries to talk me out of them as she knows she will be out in less than a minute.

I highly recommend putting them wherever you lay him down.

M Kay Keller

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