Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My 13 year old son wants a girlfriend

Dear Kay,

 My 13 yr old son, is "in love" with this 15 year old girl. I recently found letters she had written him, talking about that she has had sex, and wanting to make out with him... and be his first. I am very angry at my son, as he has been told before that she is too old for him. I have made copies of the letter to give her father, as I feel he should know what his daughter is doing.

Our standards are you don't date till 16, and that 13 is really to young to have a "girlfriend", even if it's just at school. My thinking is that what is appropriate for a 15 yr old to do w/ a boy is not what is appropriate for a 13 yr old to do w/ a girl. Am I being to unrealistic or hard on him?

Dear Nancy: Start doubting yourself now or you will be a grandmother before you can shake your head. NO! You are not wrong. If the parents of this young women do not get the message. Make sure you are very clear about the message and the do not come calling again message. If they do not respond with a this won't happen again, CALL THE POLICE and report her! She needs to know you mean business.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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