Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My baby is refusing food.

Hi Kay!

I am here again.My daughter is now 9.5mths old, she is teething and also started crawling.Just to remind u that I am a full time working mother but I come home for 1 hour of lunch in which I try to feed my daughter. I have two issues.

1.She is refusing solid food,she refuses without tasting the food,but if she happens to taste it and like it she may have some bites but not to her fill.

2.Since this weekend she is clinging to me all the time.The moment she sees me she comes to me and snobs, pulls my pants and just wants to be carried.When I am away for work she plays with the maid as usual but only with me she wants to be carried.

What shall I do....I dont want her to get the feeling tht she can cry and get things and that mom always means a free ride, at the same time I dont want her to feel deprived of any love or care.

Dear Anou:

I do grant one follow up question per customer however repeats are not accepted. I would prefer you call me next time to discuss your questions. My contact information is below.

As for her food issues. She will eat when she is hungry. If she is not eating because she is in pain from the teething try to give her more liquids like juices and other nutricious drinks. She will not starve.

Clinging is common with little ones who are separated early from their primary caregivers. She will only be little once. I suggest you stop worrying about spoiling her as she is only 9.5 months old. This is not a teenager we are talking about here. Hold her and play with her.

Thank you,

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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