Monday, November 12, 2012

How can I improve my relationship with my daughter?

Dear Kay,

How can a daughter and her mother improve their relationship and share parental advice to avoid quarrels when they are together?

Thank you,


 Dear Ivace:

Most parents don't like the answer to this one.

First of all the parent is the adult. It takes two to have an argument so don't argue back. That takes the arguing down to nothing.

DO LISTEN! Do state what you want and expect clearly and precisely. Then don't feel the need to argue about what you said.

In order to increase the good feelings in the relationship find out what things she likes to do and spend time being with her. (Now of course I am not suggesting wild things like drinking and partying.) I am suggesting spending time with her doing some things (healthy) things she likes to do and always remember to listen more than you talk. Also share with her what it was like (a little bit of sharing not alot) when you were a teenager. Show her pictures etc

Best Wishes! 
M Kay Keller

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