Friday, November 16, 2012

Dealing with my son's fears.

Dear Kay,

I have a 5 year old. He is a very loving child, he loves to play with his sister (3 yrs) but he is not acting normal. Esteban has had a long medical history. He's been in physical, speech and occupational therapy. I need help! I want to know what he is scared of and how I can help him. I have tried to understand him but I can't. He also can't tell me. It is getting worse.

At home we do not watch scary movies nor do our kids have toys that can cause fear. His fears impede him of functioning normally as any kid his age. He is scared of being alone, darkness, even of being addressed as to why he is afraid. He is afraid of closing the restroom door, sleeping by himself, and so many other things. What can I do? I've thought about making him do things even if he is afraid, I've thought about making him sleep alone, and I've thought about so many other things. I hope you can help me.


Dear Elda:

I am sure you are very worried about your son. I would act upon this worry and get him screened by a child mental health specialist for an anxiety disorder. Often they can help him with some short term counseling. It is distressing for both of you to know how scared he is, he is lucky you are so concerned.

M Kay Keller

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