Thursday, October 25, 2012

NAMI National Allience of Mental Illness for people who suffer from Mental Illness

Most families have a family member who suffers from a Mental Illness. It maybe depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder or an obsessive compulsive disorder as these are the most common. There are other mental illnesses that are not as common however are just as destructive in a person's life if they do not receive education and treatment and are taught how to maintain their disorder.

This year NAMI is hosting a ride to raise the awareness and lower the stigma about people who suffer from mental illness. If you are interested in participating you can read more and register at;

My mother suffered from a severe and persistent mental illness her entire adult life. Her life was full of tragedy and heartbreak and she was unable to receive love from those who could have loved her the most, her family. As a child of a parent who suffered from a mental illness. Life became all about managing my own self care and keeping myself safe emotionally and physically.

I am dedicating this ride to my mother. May she rest in peace.
If you would like to contribute please find my page here:

Thank you,

                                    M Kay Keller

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