Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Should I start potty training my 14 month old?

Dear Kay,

I have been wondering whether or not to start potty training my 14 month old son. Whenever he has to pee he yells to get my attention and grabs at his diaper. Just today I was in the kitchen and I heard him yelling to get my attention....

Well I peeked around the corner and he had his diaper off handed it to me and was pointing and yelling at a piece of poop on the floor. So I am wondering if he is giving me cues that he is ready to use a potty?

Thank you,

Dear Audrianna:

Please do trust your instincts as they are very good. YES a child who shows this much interest and engages you in his bathroom routine is trying to get your attention. I would not push it, just get a little potty chair and show him how to use it, even get a little baby book on going potty (there are lots of them now) and do a song with his name in it. (Johnny is going to the potty, potty, potty, Johnny is going to the potty, potty, potty. You get the drift.) Kids love sing song games and it really helps them to not fear the whole process.

It is very important not to show any disappointment or disapproval when he has an accident. Only show positive attention for positive behavior. Realize to that sometimes children show an interest early on and then later don't want to be bothered. Just take your time and have fun with him!

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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