Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My grandson is your typical 2 year old, in to everything and learning the limits. His speech is ok but he did just turn 2 in July. His mommy knows exactly what he says and let's us know. Recently we've noticed that at the end of his words he will keep saying the last sound over and over. Like when he heard the motorcycle he told me "bike kkkkkkkk" or he gets stuck on the sounds n & m. for example on the phone he said to me "hi n Da m" Da is what he calls me the n and m is the sound he makes after a lot of his words. do we need to be concerned? or shall this too pass.


Dear Traci:

Children love to make sounds and hear the sounds they make. He could just be enjoying his own ability to make words. What's more important is whether or not mom and dad are concerned. If they are concerned then they best contact their pediatrician. If not then just wait and see. Most children outgrown little peculiar behaviors by the time they are 3. If not at this time then maybe an evaluation would be a good idea.

For now ENJOY him and worry less.

Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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