Thursday, September 13, 2012

My 19 month old is scratching her behind

Dear Kay,

My 19-month-old daughter scratches the top of her rear end (near her lower back) on the right side to the point that she leaves marks. She does this mostly in the bath or while she's being changed. Sometimes she will stick her hand in the back of her diaper to scratch near the top area, but the scratching mostly occurs when she's naked. She has no rash there, no bug bites and no prior red marks (from a diaper or her pants rubbing her skin there). I belong to a Mom website, and another mother is have the same issue with her one-year-old son, who is scratching his rear end as well, only on his left side. Any idea what this could be?


Dear Angela;

No I don't I am not a medical doctor. I would ask your doctor. I also would think about whether or not there are any allergies in the family? Any sensitivities to food or soaps, the family.

Do contact your doctor and ask.

Best Wishes,

M Kay Keller

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