Friday, September 28, 2012

Dear Kay,

A 4 yr old boy in my granddaughter's class told her he was going to get a knife and kill her 3 yr old brother (who is in a different class.) My daughter told the teacher who is going to talk to the mother on Tuesday, since Monday is Labor Day holiday. The teacher is going to ask the offender, Tristan, for a "sincere apology."

My daughter and I do not feel like this addresses Tristan's problems, nor do we feel safer leaving our kids there. It is a school in a very small town and mental health professionals are not available to the school district (as far as we know, but we will ask Tuesday.)

Please advise. My daughter and I are very upset.


Dear Liz:

I am not an expert in the area of school administration. However, this is how I would handle something like this. If this were my child I would not allow her to return to school until the Principle takes appropriate action. If this is a public school, there is a policy of No Tolerance towards violence. I am not sure how it works however their federal funding could be jeopardized for not responding in a quick and appropriate manner to the threat. If you do not receive an action oriented reply from the principle call the Superintendent. Although the child probably doesn't know the extent of what he has threatened it is too explicit a statement to ignore. Bless grandparents who get involved!
Best Wishes!

M Kay Keller

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