Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My 8 month old won't do what I want her to?

Dear Kay,

Kay, my daughter used to sit very nicely on the high chair and eat.But since about 15 days she cries as soon as i put her on the high chair...i resist, she sits for some time, eats a little bit then tries to squeeze out of the chair and starts screaming till i take her out.She is getting better with her food intake but does not like to sit.What shall i do to make her sit and finish her meals.

Dear Anou:

First of all you cannot MAKE a child do anything. She sounds like she has developed a fear of her chair. Has she fallen off of the chair or toppled over and thought she was going to fall off?

Maybe you need to change where you expect her to eat.

Also, finishing meals is not important. This is how overeating begins. Never fight with children about meals. It is not good for either of your digestive systems. Besides kids win these wars even when we convince ourselves that we win, we really do lose.


M Kay Keller

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