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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our 19 month old daughter hates to go childcare.

Hi Kay:

Our 19 month old girl hates going to child care. She started going at 12 months and loved it. When she learnt to walk (16 months) things started to go wrong and the tantrums started. She is very afraid of the child care providers' 22 month old son and generally doesn't like interacting with any of the other children. Recently she has taken to not eating at child care (out of protest). What should we do? Should we try a nursery or will that be as bad? should we perhaps try using a nanny instead? Any advice? Thanks Elliot

Dear Elliot:

If you child is not happy there then you need to get to the bottom of what is going on with her. Are the children being watched well so that they are not hitting or otherwise being unkind to each other.

Whether it is a nanny or a daycare you will never know for sure what is going on. I strongly encourage you to drop in unannounced to see how she is doing. If anyone protests to your dropping then something is wrong.

Feel free to look up my listings below as there is one in particular about selecting a babysitter/childcare.

Best Wishes,
M Kay Keller

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