Monday, June 4, 2012

My 6 and 1/2 month old is waking up all night long! We are sleep deprived!

Dear Kay,

My 6.5 month old wakes up every hour during the night. I put him to sleep around 8:30pm and he will wake up at 10 then 11 and then at 12 i have to feed him again. From 12 to 6am he will wake up 4 more times. The first time he would fall asleep either rocking or while feeding (bottle). All of the other times is a combination of the two. He would have 3 ounces of formula around 12 and other times juice/water. Majority of the nights he would sleep in his crib but we have tried many other places like floor, couch, our bed next to us. He is not teething and he eats solids since he was three months old.

When he wakes up he would roll on his stomach and with his eyes closed start crying and crawling hitting his head on the front/side of his crib. I am afraid to self-soothe him, he will hurt himself plus i cant stand his cry. He is a very happy baby, good eater and he sleeps good (3 hours in average) during the day. One more fact:he wakes up only once when he sleeps once a week in his grandma's house. Also he started this frequent night wakening when he was 4.5 months. Before that he would wake up once or twice to breastfeed. I am exhausted, plus I work a lot so as my husband. Any suggestions?


Dear Milena:

Have you tried a night massage? If not check out my prior postings about bedtime routines. Also, ask grandma what she is doing differently so that he sleep so soundly, then copy it.

I have strong opinions about solid foods at 3 months however you might consider that he maybe reacting to new foods introduced to his system. For instance is the food he is eating giving him gas?

I think if you develop and consistent bedtime routine ( I did not say schedule) for him each evening you will find he will start to fall asleep and stay asleep. Also, is he getting enough play on the floor time to make him tired?

Best Wishes!
M Kay Keller

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