Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My 18 month old son is not sleeping

Dear Kay,

I have an 18 month old son that has always been rocked to sleep then put in his crib. He has slept through the night maybe 10-15 times in his life, never more than twice in a row. He wakes up one - two times a night, on a good night. On nights that I can't keep getting up I would lay on the couch with him, this is few and far between, his sleep is SO restless. Turning 360 degrees several times... Tonight I tried putting him to bed awake and checking on him(sleep program). 25 minutes in he was hyperventilating and close to vomiting.... I feel like I have failed him. Will he grow into restful sleep?? I ended up rocking him for not even 10 minutes and he is fast sleep. Any advise will help.

Dear Jen:

He sounds like he needs a good consistent bedtime routine. Look through the prior listings, there are many, about bedtime routines.

Try massaging him each night before he goes to sleep, check the temperature in the room (no one sleeps well when it is too warm), and make sure the environment is relaxing.

M Kay Keller

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