Sunday, June 10, 2012

My 18 month old daughter won't come off of the bottle.

Hi Kay,

I have 18 Month Old Daughter named Lana. My Wife and I have been trying to get Lana off the bottle by giving her a sippy cup when she wants a bottle. Well, in the middle of the night, she will start whining and crying while she is sleeping asking for her bottle. If she doesn't get it within a minute or so, she will wake up and continue crying for her bottle. Since this usually happens around 3 or 4 in the morning, we go ahead and give her the bottle so we can all go back to sleep.
How can I do this without giving her a bottle in the middle of the night?

Thanks for your time,

Dear Dan:

Sounds like the bottle is more about her comfort. If you are determined to get her off then try laying down with her or massaging her back to sleep. Personally I don't see anything wrong with children hanging onto their bottles until they give them up.

Think about it. Have you seen any kindergartners going to school with a bottle in their backpack. Maybe just relaxing some rather than focusing on goals might help you both. Try something new with her during the daytime. It is never too late for an infant or toddler to learn sign language and it will give you both something else to do with your time and your hands! Sign Language for Babies!

I think you all need your sleep more than you need to win this small war. What do you think? She will outgrow the bottle.

M Kay Keller

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