Monday, May 28, 2012

My 15 month old won't use a spoon and fork?


My 15 month old son eats really well, so I'm told, at nursery with a spoon and fork but will not touch them at home. How can I encourage him to use them at home? I give him a spoon and fork at every meal, but he usually just uses his hands which is fine unless its something sloppy that really needs a spoon. He then won't eat much at all. Is it just a case of waiting? its just frustrating because we know he can do it.

Dear Christine;

I am hoping you have the small children size spoons and forks? You can even get the ones which have the Disney characters on them. They make this so much fun for little one's who hands fit on them better than the adult size ones.

If so and he still won't accommodate you then just be happy he is eating out with his manners and eating with his hands at home. He isn't old enough to be very worried about this and he will get with the program more as he gets older. Really learn to pick your battles wisely. This is not an issue to battle over with a 15 month old or you life as a parent will be very hassled.


M Kay Keller

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