Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Twenty- Years of Research!

Twenty (20) Years of Research on the impact of Violent Parenting!

Really human beings have to be convinced that hitting a child is NEVER a good idea?

Yet, we are so shocked when teens kill or hurt another person.


  1. Yes, just cause we've grown up, doesn't mean our kids automatically know what to or not to do. You have to instill everything in them and never take for granted that they'll automatically know what's right and wrong. That was my parents' mistake and I paid the price. not that I had no moral compass but there are some things they did that were wrong and all I knew when I had my own family to raise was what I wouldn't do to them. And I'm a college graduate, intelligent person, naive from my upbringing (or lack of it) and learned a lot on my own.

  2. I personally believe that training children is a two ways street, I learned what they needed by listening to them and focusing my time and attention on them. I did instill values however not with my words, with my behaviors. And now they get to decide what values they wish to keep and which ones they don't. I too did not have an optimal upbringing however my parents showed me what I didn't want to do as well. This made parenting more important to me! Thanks for your comment!