Friday, March 9, 2012

My toddler is strong willed

My Toddler is 2yrs 4 months and a very strong willed added on top of the T 2's. Anyway I'm interested to find out the following....

My Daughter will often show love by hugging and kissing people that she is fond of (little friends) or my husband and I then suddenly she will hit us or her friends after showing affection.

What behavior is this and why is she acting this way?

Many thanks

Dear Helen:

Well there are probably many reasons she could be acting this way. My first reaction is to find out who might be hitting her. Children often act out what they experience. She is barely past two so I can't apply most of the other reasons I might pose for her doing this. I would check with her daycare or whoever else cares for he to see if anyone (children and/or adults) is hitting her.

So glad you are concerned about her.

M Kay Keller

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