Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My 20 year old daughter

My daughter is 20 as of this past Tuesday. She does not work and only barely helps around the house. She finds every excuse as to why she can't go job hunting. She has also had every job she could get in a 20 mile radius and quit them all or was fired. She goes out every night and "parties" And then this week she tells me she has been exposed to HPV.
She says she wants to go to school but she does not have the transportation (she sold the car hubby and I gave her to keep from going to jail.)

I am at my wits end here all she wants to do is party sleep and party again.
Hubby (her step dad) wants her out now. I just cant do that. I have a son in Afghanistan and would go crazy not knowing where both my kids are.

Thanks for any advice


Dear Kelly:

I have one question for you. How is what you are doing working for you or her?

She is 20 and she needs to pull her own weight and she is not going to do so living at home. Dad is right she needs to get out on her own. She is living at home as an adult in a 2 year old behavioral pattern because you need to let her go. You wrote to me and this site if for parents of children. She is not a child. She is acting like one because she can.

I understand how hard it is to face the empty nest and how hard it is to let them go. Deal with your grief and let her go so she can begin to grow up. Don't stand between her and her maturation.


M Kay Keller

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