Monday, January 23, 2012

Bottle of Milk

I moved from my country when my son was 18 months. As this is a huge challenge for us, I didn't try to take off the bottle milk from him. Now, he is 23 months and I have been trying hard. I've bought a lot of new cups with different animations, but he refuses to drink milk at any time. He have milk 3 times a day. If I didn't give him the milk in the bottle, he asked for another food! I let him without food during 4 hours and didn't work!!! I didn't want to let him without milk. He knows how to use the cup because he have milk and water so well. I have tried to put water in the bottle and milk in the cup and still doesn't work.
Please, give me a hint!


Dear Denise;

Here is my hint. Leave him alone and he will give it up eventually. How many children do you see running off to school with their baby bottle in their hands?

There is no absolute time for these little ones to have to do anything. In the meantime you are in a power struggle with your 2 year old and you both are miserable. It isn't working so let go and let him move on.

Please do not ever withhold food from a child. Do you really want him to remember that about you and him?

I think he is fortunate you are so concerned about him and now you can spend your time showing him how you can both have fun.


M Kay Keller

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