Sunday, December 11, 2011

Premie babies

My sister just had twin boys Monday evening. Her ped. told her that she should keep them away from other children (unless they are 12 yrs of age) for a little while, two weeks or so. Is this so?

Dear Leah:

You didn't say how premature these twins were, however, they probably wouldn't have gone home if they were still vulnerable to germs etc.....Did anyone ask why?

All peds are not created equal.

No. Not unless she thinks the other children are destructive and could hurt the little ones. It is always a good idea to involve older children in the care of the new babies to keep their interest up and minimize jealousy.

HOWEVER, it still requires adult supervision. Older children should never be left alone with new babies as they do not have the experience, knowledge or wisdom of an adult to interact and take care of newborns.

Lastly, and most importantly these are your sister's babies. I suggest letting the parents decide whether or not to heed their Dr's. advice. You and I can have our own opinions however, the parents hold the responsibility for their children's well being.

Best wishes!

M Kay Keller

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