Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sleeping ....my 9 month old

My 9 month old can fall asleep on her own and does so at nap time and when she wakes most times through the night however she is still waking for 3 feedings through the night. Sometimes she takes 6 ounces, other times only 1-2. She goes to sleep at 7pm and generally wakes at 615 happy. She naps twice during the day anywhere from1 hour to 2 hours.

Should I try to break the night feedings or does she still need them? She is 17lbs and healthy. She only drinks 3-4 ounces of formula during the day no matter how often I try to give it to her. I have tried watering down the formula at night and giving it to her cold, as well as decreasing it but she only wakes more often. Should I try crying it out?

Dear Laura:

What is your rush? Possibly she is just hungry at night. Taking the feedings away may cause you more pain than it is worth. She will outgrow this need to feed at night after all she is just 9 months old and her body is still growing at a very rapid rate and will continue to do so until two. Even then children's brains and bodies grow at phenomenal rates until they are well into their teen years.

When you say she wakes more often because you watered down the feeding this is telling you she is HUNGRY. Don't mess with what is working.

It maybe inconvenient however, parenting is all about the child and inconvenience is a given.

You are doing a great job with her, just relax and enjoy her more.

M Kay Keller

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