Saturday, October 29, 2011

My 17 year old moves with girlfriend

My 17 year old met this girl and he moved to her house for about three weeks. We took away his car and he dropped out of school. We try to help him but friend influences him. He got involved in a car robbery and was push out of school and sent to another school. It was the first time he's done such thing.

He was well raised in a Christian home and suddenly he started getting aggressive. All this happened since the first moment my husband gave him a car. Now he calls me to ask me to give custody to the parents of his girlfriend. It breaks my heart. He does not want to listen. Also he is mad because we took away his car. We don't know what else to do. We have triedto help but he pushes us away.

Help! Jeanette

Answer: Dear Jeanette:

Well there is good news and there is bad news. He is 17 years old so he is legally still your responsibility. If you give custody to his girl friends parents they can ask you to pay child support until he turns 18.

You have a perfect legal right to tell them and him NO. If they want to take him in and pay for his care that is between you and them, however, you do not have to sign over custody.

Taking his car away was a good idea. If he wants the car he needs to take on the responsibility of acting like he deserves the car. He is almost 18 and almost legally an adult. If he wants all the freedoms of being an adult then he needs to take on all of the adult responsibilities.

Do not give him back the car. If he commits another crime you are legally responsible. If he wrecks the car and/or hurts someone with the car you are legally and financially responsible.

If he wants anything from you and chooses to come home, show you respect, abide by your rules and act responsibly fine, otherwise he needs to experience life on life's terms.

Take care of yourselves.

M. Kay Keller

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