Sunday, October 23, 2011

Multi-language babies

 Question: Hi, I am looking for a daycare for my 5 month old daughter (we live in Israel). I found someone really nice but she speaks English only. I speak Spanish to her while my husband speaks Hebrew. Is a 3rd language too much at this age? I would like to keep her there until she in one and a half. Thanks so much!
Dear La:

There are many different opinions about exposing infants to different cultural languages. Experts now say children should not be exposed to any other language other than their native language until their verbal skills are solidly in place. (The talk and read well.)

However on the practical side of this issue. Many children have been exposed to several languages during their infancy and do fine. I have yet to see research which indicates harm came to a child who was exposed to multiple languages as an infant.

Just because research says one thing does not necessarily mean it disproved the opposite.

M Kay Keller

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