Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bipolar Daughter/OCD/Anxiety and Depression

I've got a 16 yr old daughter - who has been diagnosed with all the items in the subject line. She's on Zoloft, Lithium, Abilify and Cogetin. She recently underwent surgery where skin was graphed from her stomach and put on her foot to cover a spot where a birthmark was removed.

Her (issues) above were diagnosed in October. She's been in a mental hospital 2 times where she claims she (likes) it there, I'm not sure why, she doesn't elaborate.

My daughter is blond, blue eyed, size 1, outgoing, bubbly personality as long as everything is going well. As soon as the tides turn whether she doesn't feel well or feels uncomfortable, she nose dives to a pit of despair and will throw down the I'm going to kill myself card - if you don't do exactly what she demands. This can be anything from (take me home from school I don't want to be here) to I want those jeans and have to have them!

I know from first glance it would appear she is spoiled, but having gone through a mayas exam that declared her a physical threat and an evaluation by some of the top psychologists in this area, the diagnosis is brutal that she is suffering from these mental illnesses. She's been suicidal, involved in drugs, on probation and was sexually active however none of these items have been in her life since August 2007.

I write to you today concerned as we just moved and I'm going through a divorce (of which shes happy about mind you) and started a new school. Initially she was thrilled with the prospect of a new change (she loves change) - but the first day, panic attack, had to come get her she threatened to jump off the building. 2nd day - made it through. 3rd day made it through - even tho she was tired from the crutches from her surgery last week. Today, complaints of pain (understandable) and she forgot her (mental meds), so needed to go home.

I'm a bipolar depressive person myself and her issues are not offering any comfort to my own. I've managed mine for 11 years, but dealing with her is putting me close to the edge.

If she truly is not able to "cope" with life's nuances, how do I teach her how to and be objective when I can't do it myself??

Thank you,

*Going Crazy in Texas*

Dear Wendy:

You did not mention if in addition to the medication and the visits to the psychiatrist if you are both seeing a counselor. You mention you went through a divorce AND you moved. These are very stressful events without the mental health diagnosis either or you suffer from. I think you are both doing amazingly well considering you moved and went through a break up.

As you probably know by now keeping constants and stability in your lives is a must. Please do consider the counseling and try keeping your lives on an even keel. If you are tempted to date again refrain from doing so for a few years.

You both need sometime.

M Kay Keller

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Comment: Thank you for your resonse. Yes, we are both in counseling. I appreciate your insight, but I was trying to determine if theres a way I can tell if shes using hysterical manipulation or if it's truly her disorders showing themselves. (This is something that is best left to her doctor, MKK)

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